DR Instruments offers a range of microscopes designed for various applications, from basic laboratory use to advanced research. Our microscopes are made with high-quality materials and advanced technology to ensure superior performance and accuracy.

Our stereo microscopes are ideal for viewing larger objects in 3D, such as circuit boards, plants, or insects. With a zoom range of up to 45x, these microscopes offer clear, sharp images with excellent depth perception. These microscopes are perfect for examining smaller specimens such as cells or bacteria and come with a range of features such as LED illumination, adjustable stage clips, and multiple objective lenses. In addition to our traditional microscopes, we also offer digital microscopes with built-in cameras that allow you to capture images and videos of your specimens in high resolution. These microscopes are perfect for sharing your observations with colleagues or students, or for conducting remote research.

At DR Instruments, we understand the importance of having reliable and accurate equipment for scientific research and discovery. That's why we offer a wide range of microscopes to meet the needs of our customers, from student microscopes to professional ones. Explore our selection today to find the perfect microscope for your needs.

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Try out our Microscope Carrying Case - DR Instruments

Microscope Carrying Case

A durable Nylon case with heavy straps and zip-down side. Separate inner liner provides support and saves instruments from scratches during transportation. Adjustable straps to secure most microscope models. Excellent...
Exclusive Intermediate Microscopes - DR Instruments

Intermediate Microscopes

Intermediate Microscopes1. DR40CXM2. DR40CXM100 has additional 100xR objective.Rechargeable Models:1. DR40CXMRC2. DR40CXM100RC Features Manufactured under CSA specifications10x wide-field eyepiece, locked on with calibrated pointerObjectives are DIN achromatic, parcentered, parfocaled and color-coded...
Best Portable Microscope - 25x - DR Instruments

Portable Microscope - 25x

Illuminated Professional Quality Portable MicroscopeFeatures:- Long Cylindrical Body- 25x magnification- 2 LED bulbs- On/Off switch- Great for detail inspection- Lenght: 5 inches
Best Medical Research Microscopes - DRMRJ01 - DR Instruments

Medical Research Microscopes - DRMRJ01

These medical and research microscope models are designed to meet the demands of modern laboratory microscopy. These research microscopes offer top quality optics with ball bearing movements in focusing and...
Shop Basic Microscope- Explorer Series - DR Instruments

Basic Microscope- Explorer Series

Explorer series microscopes is the perfect microscopes for young inquisitive scientists. These microscopes use no electricity instead use a prism. Prism provides bright and even light without electricity.Discover the macro...
Buy Elementary Compound Microscope - DR Instruments

Elementary Compound Microscope

Our microscopes fill the need for sturdy instruments to study biology in the lower grades. They have coarse focusing with a slip clutch prevent damage to the microscopes gears.FeaturesManufactured to...
Checkout our I-explore Microscope - DR Instruments

I-explore Microscope

We're proud to introduce the latest in the My First Lab series of quality microscopes. Budget price yet quality microscope with real optical glass lenses. Designed for viewing solid or...
Grab Professional Trinocular Microscope - DR Instruments

Professional Trinocular Microscope

Trinocular versions of popular professional scopes offer a third vertical eyetube suitable for a camera attachment (cameras are available separately). The third 10X eyepiece is not included and should be...
Try out our Student Microscope With Mechanical Stage - DR Instruments

Student Microscope With Mechanical Stage

This student microscope is equipped with mechanical stage that allows smooth and easy movement of the slides left/right and backward/forward during observation. Offers both coarse and fine focusing controls for...
Exclusive Advanced Student Microscope + Free Camera - DR Instruments

Advanced Student Microscope + Free Camera

Advanced Student Microscope is suitable for observing various biological specimens, such as spores, insects and stem sections.Microscope Features :Real optical glass lensesWide-field (15mm diameter) eyepiece with graduated pointer (10X)Inclined, 360-degree...
Shop Student Microscope - DRMS01 - DR Instruments

Student Microscope - DRMS01

Our DRMS series are some of the best student microscopes in the market today. Offer extra features such as the rotatable head, fine focus control, and the option to add...
Checkout our Professional Microscope - DR Instruments

Professional Microscope

Our professional binocular microscope incorporates all the best features of a quality laboratory instrument. The objectives face backwards for more space and the base has a comfortable plastic planting over...
Grab Microscope Accessory Kit - DR Instruments

Microscope Accessory Kit

Microscope accessory kit contains supplies and basic directions for preparing slides for observations.CAUTION: Kit contains glass and sharp objects. Adult supervision is recommended.Contains:12 plain glass microscope slides ( 75mm x...
Try out our Deluxe Digital Microscope - DR Instruments

Deluxe Digital Microscope

This combination of DRMA88 and DRMFL05 give you a great economical microscope. You can view using 10X eyepiece provided or hook this microscope to your PC or notebook for video-microscopy.It...
Exclusive Duo-microscope -cordless - DR Instruments

Duo-microscope -cordless

This microscope is designed to view slides as well as solid objects. It is equipped with two light sources for viewing microscope slides and solid objects-coins, stamps, insects, plants, jewelry...
Best Ultimate Student Microscope - DR Instruments

Ultimate Student Microscope

An ultimate educational tool! Offers rechargeable battery light source. Detachable AC power cord can be used to power the microscope or to recharge the battery for portable use - in...