Women's Lab Coats

Lab Coats for Women

Discover the Difference with DR Uniforms: Premium Women Lab Coats and Lab Jackets with Higher Cotton Content

At DR Instruments, we take pride in offering exceptional lab coats and lab jackets to medical students, doctors, and pharmacy staff. Our commitment to quality and comfort sets us apart, providing you with a superior alternative to traditional doctor coats. Specifically designed for women, our Women Lab Coats are crafted to prioritize both comfort and safety.

Experience Unparalleled Comfort: With our super comfortable twill fabric, you can expect a lab coat that is not only durable but also lightweight. Say goodbye to distractions during long work hours, as our white women's lab coats are thoughtfully designed to ensure your utmost comfort.

Unmatched Quality: Our women's lab coats are sanforized, guaranteeing minimal shrinkage of up to a maximum of 3%. Additionally, each coat is mercerized, resulting in an optimal white appearance and aesthetic appeal. We understand the importance of a professional and polished look, and our lab coats deliver just that.

Practical and Functional Design: Equipped with multiple spacious pockets, our lab coats provide ample storage space, allowing you to carry everything you need while keeping your hands free at all times. Sides slits to access pant pockets.

A Perfect Fit for Everyone: Every individual deserves a lab coat that fits perfectly. That's why we offer a wide range of sizes, ensuring that everyone can find their ideal fit. Whether you're a woman, man, or even a child, we have lab coats to accommodate all.

Discover the DR Uniforms Difference: When it comes to superior lab coats and lab jackets, DR Instruments is your trusted source. Our commitment to quality, comfort, and functionality sets us apart, allowing you to focus on what matters most – providing exceptional care.

Explore our full range of lab coats for Men Lab Coats and Kids Lab Coats, and experience the difference for yourself. Place your order today and elevate your professional attire with DR Uniforms.

Care: Our lab coats are machine washable, ensuring convenient maintenance and hygiene.

Note: Please consult our size chart for accurate measurements and to select the perfect fit for you.


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Consultation Lab Coat - Unisex

Consultation Lab Coat - Unisex

Women's Lab Coat

Women's Lab Coat

DRUniform™ Unisex Lab Coats

DRUniform™ Unisex Lab Coats

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Disposable Protective Clothing

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