Reflex Hammers

Reflex hammers are used by healthcare providers to test the reflexes of their patients. They come in various sizes and shapes, with some having specific uses for certain exams. A reliable percussion hammer is an essential tool for any healthcare provider and is necessary for accurate diagnosis and treatment.

We ensure the safety and effectiveness of medical equipment, and the American Medical Association (AMA) provides guidelines for healthcare providers and suppliers. These guidelines include recommendations for selecting and using medical tools, as well as proper storage and disposal of medical waste. DR Instruments is proud to be an approved vendor to the AMA and to offer the 10GSM – an AMA-approved kit.
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Best Reflex Hammer - DR Instruments

Reflex Hammer

Reflex Hammer with triangular rubber head. A proper tool for testing patellar and other reflexes.
Best DR+Med™ Telescopic Babinski Hammer - DR Instruments

DR+Med™ Telescopic Babinski Hammer

DR+Med™ Telescopic Babinski Hammer was popularized by neurologist Joseph Babinski to effectively test neurological responses of patients in a medical classroom setting. Joseph Babinski popularized this specific design for a...