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Get Your Anatomy Kit and Dissection Kit Stat! Welcome to American Medical Association (AMA) members and medical students! DR Instruments is proud to be an approved vendor to the AMA and to offer the 10GSM – an AMA-approved kit. American Medical Association members receive a 20% discount on all DR Instruments dissection tools on this website. Please call to get a coupon code for a discount. Please have your AMA Membership Number Ready before you call.

The Model 10GSM Anatomy Kit is an AMA-approved kit and is ideal for beginning medical students. Designed in conjunction with the AMA, professors, and students, this dissection Kit contains the most needed tools for the first-year anatomy class of medical schools around the country. For information on this kit, or if you need to purchase replacement tools or additional tools, please click on the picture or link below the picture to go to the the 10GSM Kit main page!

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