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Microscope Eyepiece Camera, Microscope, and Accessories

DR offers quality student microscope tools, microscope accessory kits, plain and prepared slide items, and microscope eyepiece cameras. Our microscope slide options include plain slides to prepare your own slides and prepared slides for elementary, intermediate, and high school levels. Prepared slide choices to save class time and speed up the observation process.
Find premier quality microscopes with accessories at great prices on our site. Dissecting microscopes, student microscope tools, and researcher microscopes are all available here. When you need a reliable microscope eyepiece camera and various microscope slide options, we have the products to help students explore and learn.

DR Instruments also offers top-quality digital cameras for microscopes. Our cameras are compatible with USB 1.0 and USB 2.0. We also offer digital eyepiece cameras for TV monitors. Please review our great selection of microscope eyepiece digital cameras and choose the one that fits your budget and project requirements. Or call us to help you choose one!

With our digital eyepiece cameras, you can save your work, name it, edit it, share it with other students & researchers across the world, and file it for later reference. These cameras come with state-of-the-art software that let you manipulate images conveniently.

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