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Medical supplies are essential tools for healthcare professionals to provide the best possible care to their patients. Two important medical tools that are commonly used by healthcare providers are stethoscopes and reflex hammers

A stethoscope is a diagnostic tool that is used to listen to the sounds of the body, such as the heart, lungs, and abdomen. A good quality stethoscope can help healthcare professionals detect abnormalities in the body's sounds and make accurate diagnoses.  

A reflex hammer is another important tool that healthcare providers use to test reflexes in patients. It helps them evaluate the function of the nervous system and can detect any abnormalities or injuries. There are several different types of reflex hammers, including Taylor, Buck, and Queen Square.

American Medical Association (AMA)

We ensure the safety and effectiveness of medical equipment, the American Medical Association (AMA) provides guidelines for healthcare providers and suppliers. These guidelines include recommendations for selecting and using medical tools, as well as proper storage and disposal of medical waste. DR Instruments is proud to be an approved vendor to the AMA and to offer the 10GSM – an AMA-approved kit. American Medical Association members receive a 15% discount on all DR Instruments dissection tools on this website. Please call to get a coupon code for a discount. Please have your AMA Membership Number Ready before you call.

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Best DR+Med™ Telescopic Babinski Hammer - DR Instruments

DR+Med™ Telescopic Babinski Hammer

DR+Med™ Telescopic Babinski Hammer was popularized by neurologist Joseph Babinski to effectively test neurological responses of patients in a medical classroom setting. Joseph Babinski popularized this specific design for a...
Best Reflex Hammer - DR Instruments

Reflex Hammer

Reflex Hammer with triangular rubber head. A proper tool for testing patellar and other reflexes.
Shop Suture Pad - DR Instruments

Suture Pad

Suturing Practice Pad. Ideal for learning how to make incisions and than learn multiple suturing techniques on pre incisions. Also available in packs of 10.
Buy Aayan™ Suture Training Kit - Economy - DR Instruments

Aayan™ Suture Training Kit - Economy

The Aayan™ Economy Suture Training Kit is ideal for medical and veterinary students learning surgical techniques, as well as professional surgeons looking to improve their skills. This kit provides all...
Checkout our Aayan™ Economy Surgical Suture & Stapling Training Kit - DR Instruments

Aayan™ Economy Surgical Suture & Stapling Training Kit

The Aayan™ Economy Suture & Stapling Training Kit is ideal for medical and veterinary students but still provides professional practice tools for skilled surgeons to enhance their skills.This kit contains...
Grab Neurological Reflex Buck Hammer - DR Instruments

Neurological Reflex Buck Hammer

A Neurological hammer used to test reflexes and measure nerve sensitivity. This buck hammer is comprised of a dual rubber heads at the head of the hammer and a handle...
Exclusive Chart of the Human Skeletal System - DR Instruments

Chart of the Human Skeletal System

This two-sided comprehensive guide uses full color diagrams and detailed text to explain the skeletal system.Includes seven separate perspectives for ease of reference and provides all proper anatomical terms.8.5" x...
Best Chart of the Anatomy of the Heart - DR Instruments

Chart of the Anatomy of the Heart

This informative chart was designed specifically to convey key points of the anatomy of the heart. Simplistic illustrative style of this poster makes it perfect for classrooms or doctor's offices!18×23...
Shop Chart of the Muscular System - DR Instruments

Chart of the Muscular System

This chart is an informative guide to the muscular system. Contains full color illustrations, as well as different views and layers of muscles in the head, torso, and extremities. Laminated...
Buy Plastic Model Skull - DR Instruments

Plastic Model Skull

Detailed human skull model is a great addition to any classroom. rovides enough information for a drawing or science class! The life-sized model features a spring mounted mandible and a...
Checkout our Aayan™ Comprehensive Suturing and Stapling Kit - DR Instruments

Aayan™ Comprehensive Suturing and Stapling Kit

Aayan™ comprehensive suturing and stapling training kit is an ideal kit for surgery students. It offers all necessary tools to learn and practice different techniques of suturing and stapling a...
Grab ™ Stapling Training Kit - DR Instruments

DR Instruments™ Stapling Training Kit

DR InstrumentsTM Staple Training Kit for Med-Students and Vet-StudentsDR InstrumentsTM Stapling training kit offers economical way to train new students and or healthcare professionals to perfect their Technique of stapling.DR...
Try out our 1 Gallon Sharps Container - DR Instruments

1 Gallon Sharps Container

1 Gallon Sharps container is constructed of puncture-resistant polypropylene. Container has a versatile lid to accommodate contaminated items of various sizes and a locking top flap. Easy to Assemble. Meets...
Exclusive 1 Quart Sharps Container - DR Instruments

1 Quart Sharps Container

1 Quart sharps containers are portable and designed to fit into blood drawing trays. These containers provide point-of-use disposal and feature a square base for added stability. Features a single/dual...
Best 34" Human Skeleton - DR Instruments

34" Human Skeleton

This 34" human skeleton is realistic in every conceivable way. Regardless of the medium, the subject is proportional and can be maneuvered to simulate real motions, positions, and applications. Because...
Shop Veterinary Student S-Pack - Dissection Kit - DR Instruments

DR Veterinary Student S-Pack - Dissection Kit

DR Veterinary Student S-Pack for vet students.Veterinary Dissection kit contains for the following instruments:Addison Brown Forceps 4.5" (P/No: 13AB)Dissection Scissor 5.5", Bandage (P/No: 5BND)Kelly forceps 5.0" Curved (P/No: 46CD)Mayo Hegar...